Get the most out of every dollar donated!

Givvy is a more meaningful, measurable and inspirational way to have incredible impact on charities that mean something to you.
Step 1

Select a Charity

Choose which charity you'd like to support through Givvy. Whether that's Oxfam, RSPCA, Make a Wish or the Cancer Council, there's plenty of choices to find a charity that resonates with you.
Step 2

Share why it matters

Taking a few moments to share why you're passionate about supporting your charity will inspire others to support your donation.
Step 3

Choose your donation goal amount

Your Givvy goal is the maximum amount you're prepared to donate to your charity. For every Like you get $1 towards your goal.
Step 4

Share your Givvy!

Once you've set up your payment details, it's time to share your Givvy with friends and family and spread awareness!

The more friends that like or share the more awareness you’ll raise for your chosen charity.